How to Build the Right Chicken Coops

Before we have a tendency to begin to the free plans, it is important to understand what makes a decent hencoop. A coop is not only a shelter, it is a house wherever your chickens live. rather like a human"s house, the happiness and physiological condition of your chickens extremely influenced by the coop.
That"s why it is important to understand these items before you build one.

I"ll try and keep it short.

1. Decide the scale of your coop
As a general rule of thumb, one chicken wants 3-4 sq. feet of house of coop. thus if you are attending to have three, then you"ll have twelve square measure coop (3×4, 6×2, or bigger).

However, if you propose to coop all of them the time, you would like a minimum of ten feet every.

If the house is simply too tiny, your chickens won"t be happy. The coop can get funky real quick, your chicken are stressed, they"re going to begin pecking one another, they"re going to get sick, and eventually die.

You can technically give but three sq. feet per chicken, however they have to be out of doors most of the time.

For smaller bantam breeds, you will only want a pair of sq. feet rather than four.

2. Decide the situation
Consider these once selecting the situation for your chicken coop:

Sunshine and shade – your flock wants natural daylight, however not all day
Wind – a pleasant flow of air is nice, however avoid places exposed to robust wind. below a tree is usually a decent place for reason #1 and a couple of
Ease of access – you"ll have to see the coop a pair of times per day or a lot of, check that it"s simply accessible for human
Smell and noise – do not place the coop too near your house, or your neighbor"s
Pro tip: do not decide a location directly, monitor the realm for a minimum of one week to create positive there is no major drawback.

3. arrange the coop
Your coop is not only a wall and roof to safeguard your chickens, there area unit things on the within (and outside) to stay your chickens alive and healthy. Here area unit a couple of necessary things to arrange.

Nesting box – this is often wherever your hens can lay their eggs. you would like to own a minimum of one box per a pair of hens with the scale of 12x12x12 inches and concerning 10-20 inches higher than the bottom
Windows/ventilation – your chicken can get sick simply if there is no lightweight and correct ventilation
Feeder and waterer – clearly

Perch space – chickens like to sleep on perch
The run – within the addition to the shelter, an outside enclosed space is very important to stay your chickens happy
Dust bathtub box – chickens got to clean themselves with mud to remain healthy
Poop boards – place it below perching space, it will prevent plenty of your time improvement the coop
Lighting – within the winter, heat lights will boost egg production
That"s the basic, however not everything. i am unable to go too in-depth during this article, otherwise, the full page would become too long.

If this is often the primary time you are raising chickens, I extremely recommend you to browse these guides first:
And that"s all you would like to understand…now you are able to build a hencoop.